January 2015

SSA #34

Providing services to improve Uptown's commercial corridor.

Business Partners

The Chamber for Uptown.

Community Partners

Connecting Uptown's Not-for-Profit Community.

Development Partners

Guiding and supporting economic development.

Two Uptown SBIFs to Reopen to Applicants in January '15


The Small Business Improvement Fund (SBIF) within two of Uptown's Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Districts will reopen for application by businesses and property owners seeking reimbursement grants for qualified permanent building improvements. More here.

Argyle "Shared Street" Construction Coming Soon

Informational meetings dates/times will be announced the first week in January. More here.

Two SBIFs Reopen to Applicants in January '15

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Uptown United

Two Uptown SBIFs Reopen to Applicants in January '15

Free January '15 Business Workshops

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Development Partners